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The Worthy Project: Uncover powerful motivation to get stuff done and create lasting change!

I recently listened to a book titled:  “The Worthy Project” and while it is not about decluttering or getting it together at home, tackling home is the first assignment to instigate the changes people were looking for.

Turns out feeling unworthy is pretty universal and manipulates us into behaviors that are not beneficial to us. I thought that it would be motivating to get to the work of getting the house cleaned up by addressing the mess from this angle.

This is a 3 video series that I am thrilled to have learned to bring to you. Be sure to do the assignments. Let me know the changes you’ve made!!

Topic: The Worthy Project – What if decluttering and getting it together at home was partly responsible for other things not working out in your life?

In this session we look at worthy and worthless using money as an analogy. The more we give away and not value the less we have, the less WORTH and VALUE we have.

The more of ourselves we give away and not value the less WORTH we feel and the less VALUE we give ourselves.

Using the front door and other areas of our home we can use the action of making areas of our home more of who we actually are and less of the “Ideal” self we wish to be.

With the action comes a reaction of worth the opposite consequence of devaluing happens for us in small significant ways that gain in worth in time. 

The Worthy Project Part 2

In this final part of this series we will work on our bedrooms.

Grab the slide deck for the list of things to do.

We are going to take 7 days to get our bedroom ship shape and authentic to who WE are.

The Worthy Project Part 3