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What’s included

*5 sessions of one-on-one coaching with Kathy on zoom.
* We will be using Tidy Tutor University Principals.
* We will create and formalize specific goals to reach.
* We will create a customized plan to meet your goals.
* We will do assignments together real time: (Creating goals, a routine, and overall plan broken down for example)
* Unlimited texting for accountability and connection.

While together we will talk about what you specifically need to do, getting all the stress off of you and onto paper. We will break it up to create an actionable plan that you agree to and feel good about. Kathy will give you a written checklist in pdf format and also on a trello board so you can easily execute what we’ve planned together.

I understand that this is normally a 12 week program totaling 1900.00 but because of your specific circumstances we are breaking it up to accommodate your present needs. We will work together one day this week, preferably the 27th at (10am or 12pm) and every Tuesday and Thursday at (10am or 12pm) until the 11th for a total of 5 meetings.