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February 22, 2022
Summary: This is going to be continued on into a series and may evolve into a more dedicated accountability group, which may be fun! 

Developing a workout routine for our bodies starts with a decision and a commitment. We have to have a plan and we’ve got to know what we’re after.

Today we will

  • Make a commitment. 

  • Decide what we want.

  • Keep it doable and measurable.

  • Declutter goal and maintenance.

  • Keep it in our sights as we go.

Keeping the house Tidy Fit! Keeping Home Tidy Fit!

  1. What is your big commitment?
    Blanket statement. 

“I am committed to staying faithful to be serious about getting the house cleaned up and organized.”

  1. Decide what you want.

  • Big vision example: “Clean and organized home.”

  • Smaller vision

    • Break it down.

    • Start with the room that would make you the happiest.

  1. From the big commitment make a new one.

  • Where will you start?

  • What will you do?

  • Make a goal for this week’s weigh-in.

3. Measurable goal.  Time and Routine.

  • Name the room, how long will you work and how often? Get it into your routine.

Example: Goal for kitchen 

    Monday & Tuesday – 5 drawers

    Wednesday and Thursday – 5 cabinets

    Friday – Countertop, and pantry

    Saturday and Sunday – Oven and Refrigerator.

 Or you can do How often and how long.
Example: Every day 30 minutes a day after dinner

2 hours on Saturday and 2 hours on Sunday at 3pm

4. Fundamental Exercises (like getting in ‘steps’)

  • Do it now
  • Do what you gotta before you want to.
  • It goes where it goes.

Follow-up meeting.

This is a live meeting we had after talking about staying focused on our goals and staying focused on each mission for each month, staying true to a Weight Watchers motivational check-in with accountability.

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