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VIP Connection Spot. The week we don’t have a live Cawfee Tawk I send you a hand picked recording from our archives… 

This is a series I did in 2020 to take care of the Holidays. 

There are 4 parts to this series. Below the video is a slide deck of the video so that you could copy what I’ve got on there to create the plan.

This video is focuing on the plan.

In videos 2-4 we break down the plan we’ve created so that the holidays will be pulled off exactly as we want it.

To see the rest of the series login to your insiders area and click on “The Holidays Series”.

You can do all 4 of these videos in 4 days. I think you’ll love it!

Topic: Cawfee Tawk Series –
The Holidays Part 1


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