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12 week one-on-0ne coaching terms

We will meet once a week on zoom.

The first appointment can be up to 2 hours. After that each appointment will be up to 1 hour.

Included in coaching is unlimited texting for accountability.

In this 12 week, one to one coaching program we will go over the Tidy Tutor University principals for home and life management.

We will decide on specific goals, create a vision and come up with a plan that client agrees to which is tailored specifically for her/him to reach the goals set.

We will do all assignments such as: Creating the daily routine, making a weekly plan and creating a zone plan on our calls while together.

Note about unlimited texting: Saturday to Friday Kathy will respond to texts (that require a response) within 24 hours, but most will be upon receipt. While client is welcome to send texts on Sunday, Kathy is not obligated to respond on that day.

Client understands that Kathy is not responsible for results. Results are seen based on clients implementation of assignments agreed upon during zoom meetings.

There is a no refund policy, however in case of emergency, coaching can be held for up to 1 year from contract and can resume at a time agreed upon between both parties.

If client needs to cancel an appointment, a make-up day must be scheduled with that week unless otherwise agreed to and fair notice is expected.

In case of payment plan client understand that she/he is enrolling in a 12 week program (not a month-to-month subscription) By choosing this plan client agrees to complete all 3 payments. She/He acknowledges that no early cancellations or refunds will be granted.